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Fish Oil Benefits For Health and Fitness – Especially Useful For Heart Patients

There are various beneficial impacts of fish oil on human health. According to research it has been proven that fish oil (omega-3) is very effective for preventing abnormal heart rhythms. It is well known that abnormal heart rhythms are potentially lethal and death is a real possibility if they are left untreated. Fish oil is furnishing an opportunity to prevent cardiac irregular rhythm easily and effectively at an inexpensive cost.Another important effect of omega-3 on the human body is that it has proven beneficial in decreasing unhealthy cholesterol and triglycerides. Triglycerides are fats that are closely related to cholesterol. They are as well responsible for the blocking of arteries & causing you heart attacks. These two substances may mimic various illnesses inside the body including heart attack and stroke. Therefore, this substance is fantastic since it can control the level of these two culprits and will provide overall good health and fitness.Another factor to consider for getting healthy and fit, especially in those who are significantly over weight, is that omega-3 is also effectively used in order to decrease body weight. It has been found quite useful in this regard and people have seen dramatic weight loss when they have started to take fish oil in conjunction with a regular exercise routine. Fish oil provides many benefits for the human body and people are being encouraged to use it more and more by leading physicians.Omega-3 oil has proved effective in preventing Thrombosis and it does this by preventing blood platelets from sticking together. When all these platelets start to clot, then they block arteries & restrict flow of the blood. This leads to heart attacks.As validation of the effectiveness of fish oil for heart benefits, even the American Heart Association suggests taking it on a regular basis for heart health. Remember, there is no one single magic bullet for heart health or overall fitness. It takes a combination of sensible diet, regular exercise, and a reduction of stress. A healthy home and family environment and support are also very important. But based on the research, you should definitely consider adding fish oil supplements as part of your routine.