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Make Money Online – Failed?

I was analyzing why people trying to make money online fail. Where do they go wrong in their venture of making money online?First of all what misleads most of the people is the BIG myth that “it is easy to make money online. You can do it overnight. You can make money online with just a few clicks. You can make money online $$$$ while you sleep.”There are a lot of full time on job people who start out thinking it is an easy option that they can work at with minimal effort along with their jobs. And make money online while they SLEEP. Well success and money never come easy be it offline or online. I would add though that making money online is easier and less risk prone, less investment compared to making money offline. BUT it involves a whole lot of effort, specially when you are a beginner and there’s a learning curve ahead.A second myth that misleads people is that you can earn money online fast. So people set out, put in some effort and look forward to quick results and big bucks. But when they do not see quick results, they are demoralized /frustrated/lose faith in their ideas and online venture. It is important to note that a website does not start drawing traffic immediately – it take time for the traffic to grow or rather to be made to grow. Your ideas may not yield instant results. Some of them may not work but you need not stop experimenting if you want to make money online. Want to make money online – then learn this virtue: Patience pays.A third reason why people trying to make money online fail is information. Information is a cause in one or more of the following waysMisinformation: If you read up any of these make money online related forums you would see the most viewed/answered threads are those which talk of ‘Make money online $$$ in 15 minutes’, ‘Tried ways of earning $$$$ in a week’. People swarm to such posts and are mislead. I am not saying these forums are full of junk, there is a wealth of information out there on how to make money online. But you need to filter out misinformation , you need understand that there are no shortcuts to making money online.Overload of information: There is so much information out there on the net about how to make money online that people are bogged down, flooded with ideas. So many ideas that they never end up executing any of them consistently and with focus. They jump from idea to idea without planning a course of action and focussing on it.Can they make money online? Well, NO. You need to have focus and planning before execution.Less information – There is this other category of people who jump to execution with limited information and planning. They need to build knowledge, something that no one should ever stop building be it about making money online or any other occupation. Keep yourself updated on information, learn from people, forums, subscriptions, newsletters, books.A fourth reason why people fail to make money online is not being able to take risk, not being able to experiment. You cannot learn till you go all out experimenting and taking risks. Chances are that some of your experiments would fail but unless you experiment you would never learn what ideas work for you to make money online. And there is no one out there sitting to share the tricks of their trade with you. People may guide you about how to make money online but you need to take the risk of experimentation.Are you trying to make money online? Do you identify yourself with any of the above?
Then pull yourself up, plan your course of action than just sitting back and tracking your statistics everyday. Stick to it and have patience to see results. If you persevere you sure can make money online. Start afresh NOW! All the best!